Saint Mina

The Great Martyr Saint Mina, The Miraculous

Commemorating his Martyrdom (15 Hature- 24/25 November)

Commemorating the Comecration of his Church in Mariout (15 Paony- 22 June)


+ His father, Eudoxius, was a governor, his mother, Euphomia, who was barren, went to church and prayed before the icon of Virgin Mary, she begged her to intercede with her beloved Son to give her a child.

+ They were gifted with the saint in 266 S.D. As he grew they taught him Christian commandments. At age of eleven his father departed. Three years later his mother followed. Mina, was selected to join the army when he was fifteen.

+ After Diocletion denied his Christian faith, he issued a decree in 303 A.D. necessitating idol worship, Saint Mina distributed his wealth among the poor, left to the desert, and stayed there for five years worshipping the Lord. After that, he returned to his city and proclaimed his Christian faith.

+ In 309 A.D. the army commander gave orders to severely torture him, however, each time the Lord strengthened him and left him unharmed. When the commander saw that he failed to have Mina deny his faith, he gave orders to have him beheaded, and then to have his body burned. The fire did not harm the body. His body was transferred to Marout, west of Alexandria.

+ When the Lord wanted to make known the burial place of the saint, it happened that a mangy sheep went down to a pond and wallowed in the dust beside it, and was instantly cured. When the shepherd noticed this he realized that he found an instant cure for every mangy sheep.

+ The news was spread far, and heard by the king of Constantinople. He sent his only daughter, who was suffering form leprosy, to this place. She met the shepherd and following his advice; she made a pasts of the dust and pond water and applied it to her body. She spent the night by the pond and saw Saint Mina in a vision. He introduced himself to her and told her that she could find his body by digging at this site. She was completely cured when she awoke. When the sacred body was found, she informed her father who praised the Lord and had a visitation site erected above the tomb.

+ During the time of Pope Athanasius and Pope Thawfilus, a great cathedral was constructed above the holy body, and an entire grand city was built which was destroyed during the 13th Century.

+ In 1959 Pope Kyrillos returned this old city to its former glory by building a monastery and a magnificent cathedral next to it.