Our Church

The idea of establishing a church by the name of Saint Mina started in the early 80’s. Around ten families were living in that area at that time and the closest church to them was Saint George, Bellflower, 60 miles away.

Fr. Abrahim Aziz, the priest of St. George encouraged the idea of establishing a church in that area. He started to serve the people in that area after they bought a piece of land around 25 acres in Reche Canyon. Every other Saturday they would have a liturgy and Sunday school service.

Pope Shenouda put the corner stone in November 8th, 1989. They start building the church in 1990. Father Daniel Farag was then ordained in November 11th, 1990 to serve as a priest for Saint Mina Church. The project of building the church was completed on January 16th, 2000. The shape of the church building is a combination of Noah’s arc and the tabernacle